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Counseling is to the mind what medicine is to the body.

Addiction involves a physical component (phsysiology) and a mental component (psychology). Counseling begins with forming a trusting relationship with a person who is educated and trained to help others deal with life's issues. We explore problems, the ramications of those problems, examine attitudes and feelings, consider solutions, and help with effective decision-making. We assist in the mobilization of resources to help resolve problems and modify attitudes and values. We respect your right to grow at your very own pace, set your own goals, and believe that with the right assistance, you have within you all the resources to live life to the fullest.

Treatment Planning

It isn't where you come from, its where you are going that counts.

Treatment Planning involves setting realistic goals, defining the methods and resources to be used to accomplish those goals, and specific objectives (the steps) to make those goals a reality. Without goals, we are ships without a rudder. What do you want to accomplish? Where do you want to be in one, two, or even five years? In what ways do you want your life to be improved? What character traits would you like to possess or what relationships would you like to see improved? It is goals that point the way and give direction to life.

Case Management Services

We don't accomplish anything in this world alone.

Case Management involves teamwork. It is all the activities of bringing services, agencies, and people together within a planned framework of action toward the achievement of your goals. It could involve accessing community resources, acquiring medical care, assistance with dental work, and even financial assistance. Case Management can lead to obtaining assistance for health, legal, employment, financial, social, psychological, and spiritual needs.