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Medication Assisted Therapy

Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT) consist of the use of cutting edge medications to treat physiological and psychological conditions. Methadone has been successfully utilized since the 1960's to treat opiate dependency. Methadone is a synthetic medication which mimics the effects of opiates in brain cells. It is long lasting and normally requires only one dose administered daily. The medication eliminates cravings and withdrawals associated with opioid deficiency and one physician recently stated, "There is no medicine in history that is as effective in doing what it says it does as methadone." In other words, the efficacy of methadone is off the charts.

Our staff are trained and experienced in treating patients with methadone.  Medication levels are determined by affect and are unique to each individual.

Our Treatment Team of physcians, nurses, and counselors will work with you and provide the monitoring, oversight, management, encouragement, and rehabilitative structure to help ensure success in eliminating withdrawal symptoms, cravings, and defeating opiate dependence. 

Methadone is the "gold standard" for the treatment of opiate dependency.

As inidvidual lives
are transformed
through the recovery process,
families unite and become healthy 
vibrant members of local communities.

We specialize in the treatment of narcotic dependency.

We have the skills, knowledge, and desire to
help you.